Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So it's been FOREVER since I updated our blog...so here goes.

We found out April 28th (the day before my finals of my senior year in my undergrad) that we were finally expecting again! It only took 8 months of trying and crying. After losing two pregnancies (we miscarried again in March) we didn't tell a soul until we were 10 weeks into the pregnancy and had an ultrasound to show a beating heart. So on May 8th, my college graduation, neither my parents or Drew's parents knew that we were expecting. It was a week or so later that we spilled the beans.

Anyway, I've been doing fine. I wasn't really sick at all and this has been a super easy pregnancy; good thing or I'd never do it again and Heavenly Father knows that!

On August 6th, my mom and I were on our way to Mesa, AZ for my best friend, Jen Grundberg's (now Ashley) wedding. We were rear ended in Las Vegas and I was taken to the hospital to check on the baby. I was about 19 weeks pregnant then. Other than me freaking out that I might lose the baby, everyone was okay.

A week later on August 13th Drew and I had our ultrasound to find out the baby's gender. The names we had picked out were Ashlynn Kay, for a girl and Aidan Michael for a boy... well... He's a boy through and through!

So Aidan Michael is on his way!!!

We did have another scare last night however. Around 3pm, I got home from working at the tool shop (for architecture students) and felt all wet. So I went into the bathroom and sure enough, I'd leaked through my pants! Gross! I told Drew (who was amazing up at that moment...he works nights) and we called our OB. They told us to go to the hospital and straight to Labor and Delivery. I got there and they immedately check me to see if my 'waters' had ruptured and if I was dialated. I didn't rupture, but I am dialated to 1cm and I am having contractions (which I can't feel so far).

So they monitored me until about 6pm and checked me again. Still dialated to 1cm but my contractions had slowed (to what I don't know). They released me and told me if I feel the contractions or if I have any sharpe pains to come right back in. By the way, I'm 28-29 weeks (depending on my paper due date or my measured due date) as of right now. I wasn't dialted on August 6th so this has me a bit worried, but I think everything will be okay.

We have another ultrasound scheduled btween 32-34 weeks to check on Aidan's kidneys (they were dialated on the August 13th ultrasound and the docs want it checked again before birth).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung in the Baldwin Abode

So I can totally understand Molly and Bryan's issue with a kitty in heat... well sort of. Both my male and female cat are fixed but they are just old enough this spring to be rubbin up on each other and the noises are less than the ideal purring. Drew swears he's seen Riin mounting River but I have yet to. All I have seen that Drew hasn't is River rolling around meowing insessantly in the bath tub of all places. Hopefully this will end soon so I can get some sleep the last 6 weeks of my senior year in college!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Married Two Months...well almost

Officially we've been married 57 days today. Wahoo! It's been wonderful and fun so far! We don't get to see much of each other and when we do it usually consists of one of us sleeping! :)

Drew is still working nights at the Huntsman Cancer Institute but is undergoing the hiring process for Salt Lake County Corrections and Salt Lake City International Airport Police. Some days this requires him to adjust his sleeping schedule which takes some tollerance from me since I don't get my few hours of time with him during the week. But I'm excited for him to get into a career he is going to love.

I'm still working away in my senior year of the architecture program at the University of Utah. Besides being in classes from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday, I spend another 40 hours completing all the homework assignments that consist of physical and virtual models, renderings, plans (drawings) etc. I'm working in the tool shop for the school which allows me to earn some money and get my school work done at the same time! I will graduate with my Bachelor's of Science Degree on May 2nd, 2009. Grad school will have to wait so I can take care of any children that may bless our family (hopefully soon too).

Although we lost our baby at nearly 7 weeks pregnant, we have the go ahead to try again right away from our doctor. We hope to have all our children within the next 6.8 years (before I'm 35) which should give us some time between babies!

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